Question №1: I have not opened a case, wrote this: "unfortunately in this case no skins, try again later!"
To ensure a real honest randomness, cases should always contain all the items listed there. Bots simply do not have time to buy all necessary objects or on the trading floor is missing some of the necessary case items.
Question №2: I have money on STEAM, but the site does not see them. Why?
Money on site need to fill up separately. To replenish the balance needs to be authorized, then click on the Deposit button, a window opens where you can choose a convenient payment method, enter the amount You need and click "Add Credit".
Question №3: Writes an error when sending the winnings, what to do?
Bot can't send you the item in the following cases:
- You have blocked exchange (came with a new device, recently changed the password/email changed security settings Steam Guard, have a VAC ban, etc.). To had no such problems, it is always recommended to check the possibility to take trades.
- You have hidden inventory privacy settings on Steam
- Check my trade link in profile and in the Steam settings - they must match
- Bot have problems with communication Steam, it happens and quite often the problem is at Steam, once Steam bot will immediately send the won items.
- If the subject did not come to You after you resume a Steam, you need to contact the technical support: ([email protected])

Item must be picked up in the profile within the hour after his win, otherwise he will be sold, and Your balance will be credited with its value.
Question №4: When should I expect my exchange?
Items are sent almost instantly, regardless of the type of subject - milspec is a quality or covert, any subject will be delivered in seconds! If You reject the exchange will make a counter offer to the bot, or do not take, then Your item will not be sent, also this item will not be sold and no refund will be made.
Question №5: You send weapons milspec quality?
Yes! Our bots sending any weapons! Unlike many other sites, we value our reputation and our customers!
Question №6: I opened the case, how do I get the skin?
Just go to your profile and click on the icon "Send" You are interested in the subject.
Question №7: Me on Steam added a person and asks to return him to won a weapon. What to do?
Currently divorced many SCAMS on behalf of the administration CSDROP.PRO are added to You, in order to under various pretexts to lure You things. We never added and are not asking to throw things back or sell them to us for top-UPS on the website.
Question №8: I can not find my question.
Do not worry. Any question that You are interested, you can contact us in support: ([email protected])
Question №9: What kind of affiliate program?
Affiliate (referral) program is a way to recharge without money, because of this, You are free to open any cases on our website, just inviting new users.
Question №10: How does the affiliate program?
It's very simple, You send the person your link to your invitation, he opens it and logs on to our website, You have invited referrals. After he makes a balance, You will be automatically charged from 5% to 15% of the amount of his Deposit, the percentage depends on your partnership's history, the more You invite, the more Your percentage.
Question №11: Where can I get affiliate link?
The link for invitations You can find in page Partner
Question №12: Can I replenish the balance of the skins?
Yes, go to your profile, save there Your link to trade, then click "Add Credit" near the balance and select "Add skins".
Question №13: How to get bonuses and prizes for the video with case opening?
A good way to get extra bonuses and prizes on our site, it is removed and you posted videos on YouTube with opening cases on our website.
To receive the bonus, You need to send tech support a link to captured video.
To receive the bonus You must meet a few simple conditions. First, when removing the video we have to see Your nick on the site, and secondly You need before removing the video to fill the balance.