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Partner levels

Level To next level Your percentage Referral receives
$ 0 5% $ 1
$ 500 6% $ 1.30
$ 2000 7% $ 1.45
$ 5000 8% $ 1.60
$ 7500 9% $ 1.70
$ 10000 10% $ 1.80
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What are CSDROP affiliate programs?
You should place your partner link or promocode and get bonuses on the balance on our website!
It is important to know!
-A user can become a partner of only one different user;
-You get the money to the account immediately after your partner's balance being filled;
-You can use the promocode only once;
I gave my referral link to many people, however I did not receive any money.
The users who used your referral link are already logged into the site or are partners of different users.
Each user can become a partner only once.
How can I increase my percentage of profits from partner's purchases?
We keep track of active users and the percentage is increased automatically. More referrals means higher percentage!